Saturday, July 11, 2009

Land Ho!

I tell you, seeing an island on the horizon after more than two weeks
of sailing is a very exciting experience. I went up on deck this
morning, as usual, looked around a bit, and was about to go back down
below when my dad asked me what I thought of a small, dark, triangle off
the port bow. After a while it had grown to become a large, dark, lump
sitting there on the horizon. We got out the binoculars and took a look,
and decided that it must be Flores, the westernmost island in the
Azores. We were very, very excited to finally catch sight of land after
all this time we've been at sea. As of now, we are about ten miles out
of Porto dè Lajes, our first stop in the Azores. The island's features
are clearly visible, even without binoculars. I simply can't wait to get
onto solid ground again. This will certainly be a fun night.

(All references to "now" refer to 16:30 hours GMT-1, July 3, 2009.)

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