Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's never easy. . .

So all we had to do to install the new AIS unit was to run an antenna cable, attach the fittings, splice in a GPS feed, run a power cable and mount the display.

We were nervous about all the electronic bits, but what turns out to be the biggest hassle? Cutting a rectangular hole for the display, of course. Because with all wiring in place, using the power jig saw was out of the question. Which left us with a tiny keyhole-type hand saw (it might have even been a toy out of a child's set) to cut through half-inch plywood. Which meant drilling tiny, 1/16 inch holes along the outline of the display to allow us to saw the hole in less than 65 or 70 years. About 250 holes, in fact.

Two days later, here we are. . .
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