Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goinhg Up the Mast

Going Up the Mast

Dad went up the mast today. It was not the best conditions to be doing this in, but he had to do it sometime or another, and so decided to do it today. The problem was the upper starboard spreader. It had been sagging for a while, and needed to hold it in place. Originally Dad had planned to adjust the shroud tension above and below the spreader. However, the spreader was not actually attached to the shroud, it just had a hole in the end with the shroud running through it. So there went that plan. We eventually found two bulldog clamps that would tighten around the shrouds. He went up today to put them on, the last attempt being in Bequia. I think the problem might be fixed now, I just hope he doesn't have to go up the mast in such high winds again.
--Orion Date
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