Monday, April 11, 2011

Darth Rock

Darth Rock is a little cove near Lee Bay. We call it Darth Rock because it has a rock in the middle of it that, if looked at the right angle, resembles Darth Vader. We snorkeled there before when we chartered five years ago. But last time, I do not remember there being any jellyfish. This time, there was. Everywhere. Now, I am talking about these tiny little polyp-like jellyfish, not the big, pinkish kind. But soon, after we swam a bit, kept hitting them, but they did not sting. The simply just bounced off. We swam around Darth Rock for a bit, and when we went back to the dinghy, I saw this small tiny fish near the dinghy, not one inch long, with a tiny tail. Then it started to swim right at my mask. I made this scary gesture, and it went the other way, to join another one. We kept almost touching it, but it always missed. Once it nibbled at by finger, but it kind of ticked, as a tiny little fish cannot get any purchase on human skin. I even got a video of them swimming!

--By Rigel

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