Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pack animal mode, one last time

How many times, and how many places, have we done this now? Loaded like burros, trudging back a half mile or a mile or two miles, sometimes dodging traffic, back to the dock or the dinghy? To Modelo in Horta, Morrison's in Gib, Binipreu in Mahon, Conad in Sibari, Carrefour in Piraeus, EuroSpar in Siracusa, Mercadona in La Linea, Jordan's in Bridgetown, Match in Marigot . . . and, finally, today, Maxwell's in Marsh Harbour.

Boy, are we going to miss this.
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1 comment:

  1. I laughed heartily when I read this, but you guys have experienced more pack animal than anybody you will talk to in your lives, and more locations in some of the most treasured and exotic places than anybody else. You will be able to tell your children about all this and impress everybody without fail. your travels will be talked about for generations.