Thursday, October 8, 2009

So THAT'S why it's called Yellowstone...

Sufer is yellow. Sulfur is a stone. Sulfur is from volcanoes. There is a volcano in Yellowstone national park. It hit me with a stroke of understanding, too. We are on an island (isola if you want to speak Italian) called Vulcano (Vool- CAN- O) and it is true to its name. It has this active volcano which is always spewing steam. But it STINKS! Despite that, I found a shiny stone which's name escapes me, some sulfur, and pumice. That is a very light stone which floats. It's cool!

--By Rigel
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  1. Well, no ... but it's commonly believed that's why it's called Yellowstone.

    See for the real story, though it has also been suggested by at least one native that it was a mistranslation of the Crow word for the river (Elk River), which apparently sounds similar in the Crow language.

    It's just a fortuitous accident that Yellowstone has a lot of yellow sulfur in it, but it's the sandstone bluffs 500 miles away that gave the river and ultimately the park its name.