Thursday, November 26, 2009

The return of The Brick

I saw the brick again last night. Before we got to the gate
that separates the marina from the rest of the town, it was walking
along, then it did this weird 180 thing when it felt me walking behind
it. the funny thing is, it didn't move any of its paws when it did
this. it never did it again.
When it followed us to the boat, as it always does, it sat
on the dock (it always does that too), mewing at us (I thing you know
what goes in these parentheses). then it went to the boat next to us and
moved her head up and down, as if thinking "gangplank, water...
gangplank, water... gangplank, water...". then, as if finally choosing
what to do, it jumped from the dock to the bottom deck.
After exploring for a while, it went to the side of the top
deck and stared at the wide gap between the boat he was on and ours. We
stood, waving our arms around saying "no, Brick, No! We know what you're
thinking! Don't do it!".
Finally, Orion had to get off the boat and coax the Brick to
jump from the boat to the dock. We watched it for a while more, then
went down below. after checking later, it was gone.

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