Monday, November 9, 2009


At home, shopping at the grocery store seemed normal and all a
blur. Here, is does not. You have to walk, or take a bus. Another way is
to use the marina shuttle. The marina must have started losing money
because it was so isolated from the rest of sibari. So they made a
shuttle service so the boaters could get around easily.
Walking to the store is very hard. It usually is very far from
the marina, and close to the people who live in houses. We always have
to wear these bulky backpacks. It is very tiring.
The bus is also hard. You have to wait an insanely long time for
the bus to arrive at the stop. Then the bus stops every few inches. Is
even seems like it goes to one stop twice. I think that I will notice
shopping when we get back.

-- By Rigel

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