Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The @%$#ing Anchor Light

I may not have told about the anchor light before, so know that
we hate it. Every night we had to fool with the stupid thing until
nightfall before we could make it work. We eventually went without it
for a night of two, we were so tired of trying to make it work. We also
couldn't understand why a simple lamp had a bit of intricate circuitry
in it. At the top there was a small circuit board. We still were
clueless about it's purpose until my dad looked it up on it's maker's
web site. Then we figured it out. It had a light sensor. It was not
designed to come on until it was dark out. That was what the circuit
board was for. That was also why it always took 'till nightfall to make
it work: it wouldn't come on until then. We are still pretty ticked off
at the silly thing, and if it breaks, I'm in favor of just getting
another one.

--Orion Date

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