Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long passage which didn't have many dolphins, but nice enough.

We had made an excellent exit from the anchorage Faja de Aqua in a huge swell and started our passage. This was to be the last, and longest ocean crossing. Anyway, the passage started out normally, not too bad, until, we saw dolphins. And for those who don't know, dolphins in big waves are a treat. They usually leap off the crest of the wave, then do a belly flop in the trough of the next. If you're lucky. We weren't. Though of of them slapped its tail in the water once. It was also the first time that we caught them on video. We also saw whales at one point. The croused close to the side of the boat, almost affectionately. It was a very nice passage.

5/2 3 6 - 9/1 9 7/2 5/1 - 5 9 9_

See if you can decode that.

--By Rigel
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