Sunday, February 6, 2011

That old tire

Today we found a tire on the bottom. It was an old tire, with some coral on it, a few fish swimming around it, probably from a large boat for use as a fender. And with a closer look at it, one would find a spiny thing coming out from underneath. Take a closer look, and find that the spiny thing was moving. Take an even closer look, and one would realize that the spiny thing was an antenna of a lobster, and would try to grab it without success. After several tries, one would take the whole tire off the bottom, to discover two lobsters, a grouper, more coral, half a school of minnows, a whole lot of sand, and several sea urchins. Both lobsters are too small to take, and one would drop the tire onto the bottom. We did all of this, but more. One of the lobsters crawled out and ran away. When we picked it up, all the sea life came out, spare the urchins and the one remaining lobster. After much struggle, the lobster came out. It is time now to explain how a lobster swims. These are spiny lobsters, and have no claws. The lobster puts its legs and it's antennae against its body, and flaps its tail and shoots off like a torpedo. This looks extremely silly, though they move incredibly fast. The lobster did this, angling it's self at the bottom, on the other side of the boat. We went to the other side, caught it, saw that it was to small and set it free to do its little lobster-swim to the bottom again, free.

--By Rigel
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