Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another cloudy day

Which means that navigating around sandbars and reefs can be hazardous, which means we're not moving, which means, time to go exploring ashore.

That pink church, by the way, is the landmark on Staniel Cay with which one lines up the vertical stick at the tip of the islet at the south end of the harbor in order to gain the entrance channel and avoid going aground on the rocks and sinking.
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  1. Hi Juno,
    We are also a family of four and plan for a 2 yr sailing journey in a few years. We find the Alden 44 an appealing boat. We actually have looked at a 48, but it is a lot of boat. I was just wondering how the Alden faired for you as a boat for a family with kids.

  2. Hi Walter,
    We are trying to get in touch with you to respond, but no luck - can you send your email address to We love Juno and have had great success with the smaller size. Also - a lot less expensive when staying in marinas as they charge by the meter...

    She handles incredibly well in smooth seas and rough, light wind and howling scary gales. Plenty of storage unless you get very carried away with the wonderful opportunities to purchase souvenirs during your travels.

    This is the perfect boat for our family of four, but everyone has different values and preferences. We would love to share our experience if you can give us an idea what you prefer.

    Written by MB Date (mom)