Sunday, May 1, 2011

There! Leak into THAT!

For the second time in a year, our sea water cooling pump on the engine began leaking. And while we appreciate the drain holes that prevent sea water from getting into the crankcase, we're not so crazy about the drip-drip-drip onto wiring bundles and the transmission case -- which after a prolonged period of motoring adds a not-so-nice cake of salt onto those and other engine parts.

Hence our attempt to divert the NEXT leak directly into the bilge. We almost hope the newly replaced pump leaks, just to see if our contraption works. ALMOST hope.

The water pump was one of two must-fix items before leaving here. The other was the ripped seam in our mainsail. After eights hours of hand stitching, that's done, too.

So, it's off to Conception Island tomorrow, first light.

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