Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bermuda at last

Bermuda at Last

After a full week at sea, we have finally reached our destination: Bermuda. This is a beautiful place, and has a very peaceful anchorage. Two days ago we got up as usual, had breakfast, and come up on deck to see a small island off the port bow. Later that day we got on our VHF and called Bermuda Radio, the local radio station in St. George's Harbor. We got ourselves cleared to the customs and immigration dock, then signed off. That evening we entered the harbor and tied up at the customs dock. It took about an hour to clear customs, and they confiscated our flare pistols. They will give them back when we leave, but it was quite a surprise to have to leave our flare pistols there for the duration of our stay. We left the customs dock just as another boat came in, and anchored out in the harbor. We then shut down the engine and went to bed. The next day, we hoisted the dinghy off the deck and into the water. We attached the outboard motor and went ashore. When we got to the waterfront we found that there was some kind of festivity going on. Upon further observation we discovered that the locals were racing small rubber duckies under a bridge and betting on which one will come under first. All the duckies have numbers on them, so they can tell which is which. We explored the town, found out where everything is, and went to the White Horse Tavern. I had a ginger beer for the first time since last month, which tasted very good, and my brother had one too. The adults all had alcoholic drinks. We went back to the boat and got a good night's rest. We woke up the next day to splashing sounds. We went up top to see a whole school of large fish racing around and splashing occasionally. We thought that they might be having fun, and I personally agree. We took Mr. Denis and Mr. Peter (our crew members) to the shore, where they could catch a bus to the airport. Later that day we picked up a new crew member to show her the boat. It seems that we will have at least one very pleasant crew member on the way to the Azores. So far, Bermuda has been a lot of fun.

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