Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our stay in Bermuda

Our Stay in Bermuda

Our stay in Bermuda has been wonderful. Bermuda is such a beautiful place. It isn't a nation, actually a territory of the U.K., but it still has a unique atmosphere. Our stay could have been better, but I have still really enjoyed it. We got to see the town of St. Georges, the city of Hamilton, the Royal Navy Dockyard, the tall ships, and a whole lot more. St. Georges is a very nice, quiet little town, Hamilton is a small yet busy city, and the tall ships were an absolutely wonderful sight to see. Tall ships are what we call the old, multi-masted sailing ships. We saw the H.M.S. Bounty several times, as well as an old Man-o-War with gun ports running all along the sides. Also, as the Pride of Baltimore left St. Georges Harbour, it fired off one of it's port cannons, making a huge racket and releasing a cloud of white powder smoke. I have had a lot of fun in Bermuda, and I don't look forward to leaving it.

-- By Orion
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