Monday, August 3, 2009

Sea Week

After three weeks of setup and preparations, Sea Week, or semana do
mar, has finally begun. The road in front of the marina has been
partially blocked off, and huge tents have been set up. There is just
one downside to the occasion: the noise. From midnight until morning you
can hear the enormous racket that the huge stages that have been set up
make. Tall, metal structures have been put up beside the stages, each
one holding two banks of speakers of six speakers each, and each speaker
is almost five feet tall and two feet wide. The result is the loudest
noise you have ever heard. The rest of the festivities involve dancing,
music, races (sailing and swimming), food, and most importantly beer.
Sea Week is a very fun event, and tomorrow we are going to have a ride
on an old whaling boat. The boats don't have engines, just oars and
sails. The rest of Sea Week promises to be a great time. Look out for
more updates!

- Orion

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