Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Whaleboats

This week, the Club Naval de Horta has been having a special
event where they let people sign up for rides on the old whaleboats. You
have to sign up in advance, then be at the club naval at 18:30 hours to
get on one of the small dinghies that take you out to the whaleboats.
Two days ago, we signed up for the whaleboat rides for yesterday. It was
amazing. The whaleboats are pretty small, but they are really fast. Ours
was almost always making at least six knots, and in a strong wind it
could easily have made eight or ten. The thing was, the whaleboats were
extremely tippy, and to keep it from heeling over too much, we all had
to sit on the upward side. It was great fun though, and I had a blast.
We stayed out for about 45 minutes, then we had to gave other people
their turn. Sometime we might be able to do it again. I certainly hope so!

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