Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cape Sounion

Yet another temple today, this one's dedicated to Poseidon. It is
also the biggest temple purely dedicated to Poseidon, most others are
shared with another god. The ruins are located at the top of a tall hill
on the point of Cape Sounion. This is the place that my dad always meant
to go to on his first sailing trip with the boat also called Sounion. It
was commissioned to be built by a man who named her after the cape that
he wanted to see in here. Unfortunately he became sick before he could
make the trip. Her second owner never took her farther than the Bahamas.
My dad bought her from him and sailed her almost there, but had to stop
in Spain for lack of time. Now he's come to the place where he always
meant to go in his former boat.

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