Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hot-Wiring the Engine

That was what we were forced to do when my brother tried to
start the motor and it failed to do anything. We were at sea, getting
ready to enter a harbor and anchor. We rushed downstairs and opened the
engine access port in the head. We got out a big screwdriver to jump the
solenoid that controlled the starter motor. We took one look at it and
then got worried: we had no idea which of the many terminals we needed
to jump! My dad took a picture of it with his Blackberry and e-mailed a
mechanic shop in Gibraltar asking what to do. They gave him some
step-by-step instructions on how to properly jump it. He tried it, and
the motor roared to life at last. Since then we have simply jumped the
solenoid whenever we need the engine. Hopefully we will be able to fix
this problem without undue delay.

--Orion Date

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