Friday, May 7, 2010

Cats of Ithaka

I have always liked cats. Yet in Italy there weren't many cats. Here, however cats are plentiful. I have just seen more than ten cats; all sizes. The dog population her isn't too big though. This is just in a small island. I am trying to imagine Athens. And the mainland. Could anyone please put a comment about the dog and cat population in America?

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  1. When you say cats are plentiful, then we must assume you are referring to the cats that are out on the street, available and possibly wild, as it were. This is not the same here in USA. The laws of the USA generally say that all cats must be licensed, in other words, owned by people. That means that any cats out on the street may not be owned and therefore wild and are picked up by the pound.
    So, while there are many cats in the USA, most are indoors or on private ground and very few are out on the street for others to come into contact with. The casual observer may see no cats, but in fact there are many, but inside, domesticated.

  2. Over 61 million dogs and over 76 million cats in US. China is number 2 in cats with 53 million, but many cats and dogs probably serve a different purpose in China. Expect to see feral cats in Athens, just like you, most likely, saw around Forum in Roma. Love write ups of you all.