Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yes, the famous goat cry. In fact, I have a story involving that. Here it is: we all got in the dinghy. Daddy had installed the 15-horse motor onto it earlier today. After a terrifying, up-on-plain dinghy ride, we got to the beach and decided to make a hike to the top of the hill there. When we got to the top, we heard some bleating. Yes, we had found some goats. After a while, I decided to talk back.
"Bleaggggghh!" I said. They started to group up, protecting the young. Two stepped forward, bleated, and continued coming forward.
"Bleaggggghh!" Pretty soon all of them started running at us. "Whatever you said," said Daddy. "un-say it!" I shrugged. So we went back to the beach. Orion and I played in the water for a while. Then we went back to the boat.
As you can see, some scary things can be kind of silly.
--By Rigel
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