Thursday, July 1, 2010


An interesting place, Delos. Once thought the birthplace of Apollo and
Artemis by the ancients, it is now forbidden to approach the island
closer than 500 meters, half a kilometer. It has a large complex of
ruins that are much visited by cruise ship tourists. We had the
misfortune to be there when there was a cruise ship in Mykonos, and
visiting Delos was apparently the day's activity, judging by the amount
of people there. There are lots of ferries that go to Delos from
Mykonos, and they are much utilized by pre-packaged tours of Greece. My
friend Porter is in fact on one right now, and will be in Mykonos soon.
Unfortunately we have to be out of Greece by an absolute deadline,
otherwise we could have met up. Anyway, Delos was an amazing sight, one
that I will never forget.

--Orion Date

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