Friday, July 23, 2010


The passage from Greece took three days, and now we are in Sicily for the first time in our lives. Even my dad hasn’t been here, Sounion never got beyond the Balearic Islands. We worked out this really good system for watches, Rigel and I do the day watches, and the adults do the night watches. Rigel and I relieve each other every hour, and watch from ten until six. It’s worked really well, because it keeps us quiet during the day, and lets the adults rest after being on watch. It’s hot here. Very hot. Almost as hot as July in Florida. I am glad we are doing laundry because I am out of fresh T-shirts. You don’t know how bad it can get having to wear salty and sweaty T-shirts. Even in the evenings it is 85 degrees in the cabin. I will really miss Greece, but it’s sure nice to get back to Italy.

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