Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The exploding candle

On my birthday, I got a candle. And a whole lot of other stuff, mostly computer stuff, but the candle was rather interesting. For it was in the shape of a closed flower, and on the tips of the pedals, pointing inward, were tiny candles. There was no wick in the center on the flower. Well, when we got around to using it, we got a lighter, and lit all of the wicks. It looked like a torch for a while. Then, most of the petals opened up. We pushed open the two that didn't. Edee got her fingers out of the way when an afterburner-looking flame erupted out of the center of the now open flower. Some sparks came out, and it stopped. Right then, the box said that it was supposed to play music. I half expected a little play button to come out. None did.

--By Rigel
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