Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Annoying Electrical Problem

This one is the new inverter. A couple weeks ago, our inverter refused
to work. Two days later, Mom brought us a new one. It was not until now
that we got around to installing it, because we had been using the old
one which usually worked, and because we were too busy with other
repairs. We had assumed that the old inverter had two ring terminals
attaching it to the batteries. No, instead, it has two huge wires that
are clamped down to connectors with screws. This foils our original plan
of simply attaching the new inverter wires' ring terminals to the old
inverter's terminals, thus giving the new inverter power without
disconnecting the old one. Now we have to find a way to hook it up
directly to the batteries with wires that don't reach far enough.
--Orion Date

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