Monday, October 11, 2010


This is a representation of what I really felt like saying when Dad
told me his news. For the past two days, we have been trying to set up a
splitter for the masthead VHF antenna so we can also use it for the AIS.
We had already cut the antenna cable, and dad was trying to pull out
some extra slack so he could have some work room. What he found made all
of us go into seriously ticked off at ourselves mode. He found almost a
foot of cable in a loop, and a big wad of electrical tape wound around
two connectors. This meant that we didn't need to cut the cable and do a
huge amount of work to put on two more connectors, they were already
there, but we had already cut the cable. All of wanted to start cursing,
but Dad was the only adult, so only he was allowed to curse, but he
refrained. We eventually got everything hooked up, and the splitter is
functional, but I am still ticked off at myself for being so foolish.
--Orion Date

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