Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marina Bay

We are now officially in Gibraltar. This morning we moved the boat
from the La Linea marina to Marina Bay, Gibraltar. It directly south of
the runway and extremely noisy when there is a plane taking off or
landing. The interesting thing is, we are almost exactly where we were
last time we were here, a little more that a year ago. They put us two
berths down from our former place. The bathrooms and office are about
100 feet off our port bow, and we have set up electricity and water. The
marina has also set up free Wi-Fi over the past year, and strangely, my
computer is the only one that can find it. It's really weird, but there
is an internet café right at the end of the pontoon, and everyone else
can use it, so no problem. Dad's calling me to take my shower, so I've
got to go. We'll be climbing the Rock of Gibraltar in a couple days, so
look out for more entries!
--Orion Date

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