Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uh... Daddy? Is Arabic a romance language?

Because if it isn't, then one: I will have a hard time learning it (This is irrelevant, as we don't have any books that teach you Arabic) and two: wait, what was I going to do for two? I knew a few moments ago, when I decided to put in the parentheses, but now that I've done them, I forget what I was I was going to put in the place of these words-wait-um...
Let me start over again. Sorry if you have low band width, and all this text is wasting it. But I can't erase all of this because I have to have all this annoying stuff... I'm doing it again (wasting band width, that is.).
Ehem. I don't know a scrap of Arabic, and I have no way of learning any as described when I was wasting band width (do you still remember that? It's been a long time.). If I did have a way of learning Arabic, I would have a hard time reading right to left. Forget writing it. That would lead to disaster, as I would probably write the equivalent of "legir si eman ym" Instead of the equivalent of "My name is Rigel". And that would be bad. Very bad.

--By Rigel

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