Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've Been Robbed

The curious thing is, I was robbed by a monkey. You may know of the
monkeys that live on the Rock of Gibraltar. Well, apparently they are
considerably intelligent, because one of them made off with a packet of
crackers from my backpack. It wasn't a very big deal, because the
crackers in question were several months old and mostly cracker flour.
Still, it was quite a startling experience. All of a sudden, I felt
something pull on the back of my backpack, I twisted around, expecting
Rigel to be yanking on it, but no, there was a two foot tall monkey
hanging on the rearmost pocket, trying to get it open. Then, it found
the zipper, pulled it open, and pulled out the crackers and started
eating them. By this time everybody in the general vicinity was staring
at the monkey, and I chose that moment to escape. I had no idea that
they would do that, but I really hope it never happens to me again.

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