Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Alhambra

We haven't had any updates for a while, I know. We've had a very busy
three days. On the first we went to Grenada. I will go into the second
and third in my next entry. We had to get up at seven in the morning to
make our train, which was a two hour ride from the Almeria station to
Grenada. It was chilly there. This was mainly because we were up in the
Sierra Nevada, the nearby mountain range. We saw a big field of huge
windmills on the train, they were awesome. We got to Grenada at about
eleven, and started walking towards the giant castle that was the
Alhambra. As we found out, the Alhambra is a giant Moorish castle with
numerous palaces clustered together and a big fortress on the end of it.
In the other part it was a large garden that was built after Ferdinand
and Isabella reconquered Spain. One of the really cool things there is a
very special room with a roped off area in the middle. We found out
after that the roped off area was were the throne had once sat, and the
room was the place that Christopher Columbus got his approval and
support for his voyage to the New World. I was amazed. I hadn't known
until then that he had dine this in Grenada, I just hadn't given it any
thought before. Anyway, the Alhambra was really amazing, and I think
that all the trouble that we went through to get there was totally worth
the trip.
--Orion Date

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