Saturday, September 4, 2010

Don't look up

And Orion will look up and see all the stalactites pointing down. This is at the Cuevas del Drach
[wiki]in menorka. If you follow the link and choose English, you will see that it says "Cave of the dragons". We went and got some tickets and we had to wait for about a half an hour before we went into the entrance. We went on a path that led through the cavern. It sloped down until it reached the bottom, then it went back up to this amphitheater. At points in the path, there were these stalactites pointing down like dangling spears. Back to the amphitheater. There was some info about the cave, then some boats came in with lights all over them. One of them had a symphony of three: a violin, cello, and a keyboard. When they were finished, you can get a ride on the boats to the exit.

--By Rigel

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