Friday, September 17, 2010

One Year Previously...

One Year Previously…

We were just about where we are now. We had just gotten to Formentara and were anchored where we are now, on the eastern side of the long spit that extends towards Espalmador. It's an excellent anchorage with a soft sand bottom, and most of it is only five meters deep. Only days before we had left our comfortable anchorage in Cabo de Gata, and stopped at Torrevieja for some provisions and shelter. We had had a wonderful time at the cape of the cat, and were hoping for more at our new anchorage. This was the place where we saw the boat that was washed up on the beach due to tying up to a mooring incorrectly. It had lost its keel and was being prepped to be put back in. nevertheless, we were plenty cautious when picking up a mooring in that same mooring field. Anyway, we have reached the point where we are in the exact same place that we had been one year previously.
--Orion Date
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  1. hey juno, we were in that anchorage! have you seen the mud bathers? we are in sicily now and were about to go to vulcano. we hope all is well,

    azure II