Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's a charming little town with a nice marina that has let us tie up
for a few days, and plenty of attractions and art as well. The biggest
attraction seems to be the Moorish castle up on the hill. We plan to
visit it tomorrow, and that will probably be a blog entry from my
brother. It's a very nice place to spend a few days, and we were
planning on going to Grenada tomorrow, except they are totally sold out
for tomorrow and Friday, so we will have to go on Sunday. We may be able
to visit the castle this evening, but I am at this moment watching for
the guy who is coming to look at our radar, and if he comes too late, we
will have to go tomorrow. I'm looking forward to Gibraltar, and also to
the Canary Islands and Cape Verdes.

--Orion Date

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