Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back to Gibraltar

We have finally reached our goal, Gibraltar, the very edge of the
Mediterranean. For the last two months or so we have been trying to get
to this port. We have had contrary winds for the last bit, and we are
all very tired. On the trip from Almeria, I got up and stood watch with
Dad for an hour, and that was really exhausting. Last night we motored
around the Rock and anchored in La Linea, the harbor right next to
Gibraltar, except part of Spain. We all then got out drinks and
celebrated our arrival at our long awaited destination. Now we are
totally refueled, and tied up comfortably in the new and empty La Linea
marina. It's a good place to be, almost new, and well protected against
just about every wind direction. I'm glad to be back, and even more
excited with Mom coming in just four days.
--Orion Date

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