Friday, September 24, 2010

The Lost Wrench

Dad made a purchase the other day, a new outboard motor mounting
bracket. He got it for the 15 horse motor, which has always been a pain
to get on and off the dinghy. While we were installing it today, Dad
accidentally dropped our ¼ inch ratcheting wrench over the stern. What a
lot of cursing and swearing that caused. My ears are still tingling from
it. When he got done swearing we got out a magnet and tied on several
lines in a series. Then we fished around with it until we got it stuck
between two rocks, and got out my snorkeling gear and dived for it. This
got our magnet free, but yielded no results in the way of finding the
wrench, so then Dad jumped in. He couldn't find it either, so we decided
to wait for tomorrow morning and try again when the sun had a better angle.
--Orion Date

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